1. Why the Vertebral Brace?

The Vertebral Brace provides the therapeutic benefits of a medical back bracing system, directly to the consumer. The Vertebral Brace provides maximal abdominal compression, thereby decreasing the workload on both the abdominal and paraspinal muscles. It also generates increased pressure in the thoracic cavity, thus reducing pressure on the intervertebral discs. Through the use of the innovative Vertebral Pulley System (VPS), the user can easily achieve the necessary support and comfort level, with one hand in one second, while standing sitting, walking or driving. This is referred to as achieving the “Vertebral Fit.”

2. What do our shipping rates mean?

Standard Shipping - This method of shipping generally delivers within 5-8 business days of being shipped. There is no charge for standard shipping. Expedited Shipping - This method of shipping is Second-Day Shipping. It will arrive within 2 business days of being shipped. The charge for this method is $12.00. Priority Shipping - This method of shipping is Overnight Shipping. It will arrive within 1 business day after the order is shipped. The charge for this method is $24.00.

3. What makes the Vertebral Brace a better early intervention and prevention solution than other posture or back braces?

Unlike less sophisticated products using only a belt or Velcro closure system, the Vertebral Brace features the Vertebral Pulley System (VPS), which is a genuine mechanical advantage pulley system. The VPS creates the biomechanics necessary to generate 5 times the abdominal compression of a standard lumbar support. Optimal abdominal compression is the only way to effectively support and stabilize the lumbar spine.

4. What makes the Vertebral Brace medical grade?

The Vertebral Brace is precisely manufactured with the same flexible style 5-to-1 mechanical advantage pulley system that has previously been available on medical grade products only.

5. Is the Vertebral Brace FDA Cleared??

The Vertebral Brace is an FDA Cleared Medical Device. It is a class I 510(K) exempt price per the FDA guidelines. It falls under Section 890.3490 of Part 890. Vertebral Medical is a registered establishment with the FDA.

6. Can I use the Vertebral Brace for sports?

YES, absolutely! The Vertebral brace can be used for sports. It will provide support and ensure proper body mechanics while lifting, stretching, walking or running. The most common sports applications include (but are not limited to) golf, horseback riding, tennis, cycling and weightlifting.

7. What is the Vertebral Brace made of?

The Vertebral Brace is manufactured with simple materials including Velcro, air mesh, and high quality nylon.

8. What does Vertebral mean and how do you pronounce it?

The word Vertebral is derived from the relief that the Vertebral Brace provides to the end user. The intervertebral discs are the pillow-like cushions in between your vertebrae. They serve as your spine’s shock-absorbing system. As the Vertebral Pulley System (VPS) is activated it creates effective abdominal compression, increases pressure in the thoracic cavity, and thus decreases Inter- VERTEBRAL pressure on the discs of the spine. Vertebral is pronounced as follows: VER-TEE-BRAL.

9. Can I use the Vertebral Brace at home and on the go?

YES! A distinctive travel bag is provided for storage at home and on the go.

10. What if my brace arrives and it is the wrong size?

Please contact us! We will be more than happy to set up an exchange and get you the correct size right away! Send an email to info@vertebralmedical.com.

11. What if I want to return the brace?

Please contact us at info@vertebralmedical.com to set up a return for your purchase. Returns are accepted within 30 days, no questions asked!