The Vertebral Brace

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of orthopedic surgeons, the Vertebral Brace provides symptomatic pain relief by ensuring effective support and stabilization of the lumbar spine. The Brace is the best treatment for early intervention and prevention of back pain without a prescription. Consider the Vertebral Brace an added muscle, which allows you to finally achieve optimal abdominal compression. "The Vertebral Brace relieves pain and speeds up the body's road to recovery," says Dr. Todd Moldawer, a leading Orthopedic Surgeon.


Product Specs

Fit Guide

Step 1

Park the pulley handle as close to the Vertebral Pulley System (VPS) as possible. Center the brace on the lumbar spine.

Step 2

Right over left in the front to close.

Step 3

Lift the power cord off the Velcro strip pulling from left to right to tighten