Magnesium Therapy

  • Vertebral Magnesium Therapy AKA Magnesium Rub 

    Rub Away Pain

    We recommend using The Vertebral Magnesium Rub in combination with physical therapy, therapeutic and sports massages. You can actually Rub Away Pain.”

  • We provide fast - long lasting - pain relief: Vertebral Medical’s Magnesium Rub was created for people of every age and every level of activity and fitness that agonize with inflammation related ailments & injuries.
  • If you're suffering from any of the following or similar conditions help is here:
- Arthritis
- Back Pain 
- Bursitis 
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
- Chronic Pain 
- Fibromyalgia 
- Golf Elbow 
- Heel Pain 
- Hip Pain 
- Knee Pain 
- Neck Pain 
- Plantar Fasciitis 
- Sciatica 
- Shin Splints 
- Shoulder Pain 
- Tendonitis 
- Tennis Elbow 

- And More…

  • We invite you to, “Rub Away Pain” with Vertebral Medical’s Magnesium Rub!